What We Do

Export of Consumer Goods

Spira’s export business has been instrumental in showcasing the excellence of Indian consumer products to markets in Europe and Asia. With a focus on hallmark Indian products that are celebrated by consumers worldwide, Spira has made significant strides in the export industry. Among its notable exports are over 9 varieties of premium rice and 56 distinct types of tea, each representing the rich flavors and heritage of India.

Since venturing into the export business in 2017, Spira has diligently built a robust network of suppliers and distributors, ensuring a seamless supply chain that creates value for all the stakeholders involved. By forging strong partnerships with trusted suppliers and establishing efficient distribution channels, Spira has successfully delivered its exceptional products to customers across importing nations.

Our Brands


The export business has not only expanded Spira’s reach but has also enhanced treputation of Indian consumer products globally. Through consistent quality, adherence to international standards, and a deep understanding of customer preferences, Spira has gained the trust and loyalty of importers and consumers alike.

With a strong focus on creating value across the supply chain, Spira continues to explore new markets and expand its product offerings. The export business remains a vital pillar of Spira’s operations, contributing to the growth and success of the company while promoting the richness and diversity of Indian products on the global stage.